Trapped - Getting Free From People, Patterns and Problems

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We all know how it feels to be trapped. We feel trapped by things outside of us–where we live, our culture, the economy, and world events. But we also feel trapped by our background, upbringing, natural abilities, and our physical and emotional limits. As if that’s not enough, we can also feel trapped by wrong choices, destructive habits, bad luck, and difficult relationships. How can we find the freedom we crave?

Author Andy Farmer is convinced that there is a way to get free from any trap we face in life. Trapped takes one of the great themes of the gospel—the truth that we’ve been ransomed to freedom in Christ—and applies it to some of the most troubling, life-controlling issues we face. Farmer demonstrates compellingly that the gospel doesn’t just solve our sin problem with God, it actually gives us what we need to battle against the complex everyday struggles—like laziness, addiction, or approval-seeking—that keep us from experiencing freedom and peace.

We don’t “get free” all in one moment, explains Farmer, but we learn to walk out freedom—step by step—even in the hardest parts of our lives as we come to know Christ. Trapped explores our “freedom to” and not just our “freedom from”—showing how the gospel actually gives us the incredible freedom to deal with our problems in a life-giving way.

Through individual chapters on issues like laziness, fear of man, addictions, and escape through pornography or eating disorders—Farmer models the intensely practical, everyday gospel application he promotes. Readers will catch his vision for living life beyond the traps that most of us have given up on escaping.

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