The Fire of God's Presence

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What Would It Be Like to Encounter God Face-to-Face?

Have you ever truly experienced God's presence? If not, what do you think is getting in the way?

When Moses met God at the burning bush, it changed his life and his perception of who God is. In that burning bush moment, he began to understand and appreciate the sacredness of worship. Proper worship has to fit the one we are worshiping, so if we are worshiping God, we must do it on His terms. This means having a spirit of reverence and holiness--like Moses taking off his shoes and kneeling before Him.

The bush's fire did not frighten Moses, but rather it poured the essence of sacredness into his life. It gave him an experience of God's presence he had never had before. Let this book teach you how, like Moses, to encounter God afresh

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