Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong

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John MacArthur, along with the leadership team at Grace Community Church, where John has been the pastor for over 40 years, addresses one of the greatest challenges facing all believers: the powerful influence of secular culture on their hearts and minds. When it comes to every issue imaginable, Christians face a constant barrage of unbiblical worldviews, making it very difficult to know what they should think or where they should stand.

This book will equip believers with a biblical perspective on today’s most talked-about issues—enabling them to see the controversies and concerns of this world through God’s eyes. The subjects include:
in vitro fertilization                 
homosexual marriage
the cult of celebrity                
entertainment and escapism
political activism                    
radical terrorism                     
the economy
disasters and epidemics         
God and the problem of evil

Also included is a topical guide to Bible verses that speak to contemporary issues, arming readers with right thinking and biblical responses to challenging questions.

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