Oops I Forgot My Wife

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Through humor, Biblical instruction and story, Oops! I Forgot My Wife helps facilitate the growth of healthy marriages. Told through an exchange of emails, it follows the adventures and misfortunes of a guy who is so bad at husbanding he wakes up one morning on the brink of divorce. Only then does he learn what it really means to "love your wife as Christ loves the church." We often think of marriage problems in terms of in-laws, finances, fidelity, or personality clashes. But these issues trace back to a simpler source. It's called self-centeredness and few men leave it behind at the altar. So how do you help a guy begin thinking about his wife more than his highness? Oops! I Forgot My Wife is a good place to start; it's a marriage book for men who don't like marriage books. It tells the story of one marriage, flaws and all. It's not pretty or sanitized, but any husband or wife willing to examine their heart will see the truth in the story and benefit from it. There's also another reason to take a look. Oops! was written by a church elder who has been successfully counseling couples for over thirty years using the truth of Scripture and the love of Christ. The story presented in this book serves as a great example of how godly supporters in local churches can use biblical wisdom to bless troubled couples. An ideal book for any couple that could use a few pointers but doesn't like to study.

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