Dying and Death

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Joel R Beeke & Christopher W Bogosh

Can any good come from thinking about death? Our natural tendency is to answer that question no! But what if our meditation on death was informed by a theological understanding of death, a recognition of the comfort Jesus’s death affords Christians, and ethical guidance for dealing with death in these complicated days of modern medical developments? Rather than being morbidly unhelpful, authors Joel R. Beeke and Christopher W. Bogosh contend that meditating on dying and death can be profitable, even necessary, for us. Are you prepared to say that your death will be “gain” (Phil. 1:21)


“What these two gifted authors—Joel Beeke and Christopher Bogosh—provide us in this volume is a must-read for everyone. Contained in these pages is the gospel message, written especially for those facing death. There is no greater opportunity for the gospel to do its work than when someone is facing death. Likewise, there is no greater time when the blessed assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ is more needed than when a person is consciously aware that they will be soon passing from this world to the next. Wherever you find yourself today, you need to read this book and embrace these truths.”

Steven J. Lawson, president, OnePassion Ministries, Dallas, Texas

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