The Doctrine of God: Volume 2

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John M Frame

Readers familiar with Frame's analysis of historic doctrines and current questions will welcome this second installment in the Theology of Lordship series. Here he examines the attributes, acts, and names of God in connection with a full spectrum of relevant theological, ethical, spiritual truths.



"A magnificent treatment that will be a standard work for decades. Frame stands in the great Reformed tradition . . . yet in his treatment of the doctrine of God he surpasses them all with an amazing breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding. In every section Frame brings fresh insight to old doctrines."

—Wayne Grudem

"A meticulously biblical, remarkably cogent, and powerfully transforming presentation."

—Richard L. Pratt Jr.

"Its adherence to a scriptural worldview gives it power, freshness, and creativity."

—Vern S. Poythress

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