The Day of Worship

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In The Day of Worship, author Ryan M. McGraw tackles the oft neglected biblical topic of Sabbath. Many books have been written on the day of rest, yet most believers still do not observe this holy day. McGraw discusses the biblical basis for the Sabbath, but he also addresses why the Sabbath may be neglected. He also includes discussions on Isaiah 58, legalism, and some practical observations.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. The General Importance of Sabbath

3. The Importance of God's Day of Worship

4. The Presuppositions of Isaiah 58:13"€"14

5. Revisiting Isaiah 58:13"€"14

6. Worldliness

7. What Is Missing?

8. The Reformed Application of the Law

9. Some General Practical Observations

10. Legalism?

11. The Eternal Sabbath

Appendix 1: Warfield on Foundations of the Sabbath

Appendix 2: Review of Jay Adams's Keeping the Sabbath Today?

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