The Big Three

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Can the biblical account of Jesus Christ and His Cross be separated from the Old Testament book of Genesis? In The Big Three, Dr. Henry Morris III explores the Creation, the Fall, and the Flood revealing the scarlet thread tying them to the gospel message of Jesus.

Global acceptance of the scientific theory of evolution has diminished even Christianity's opinion of the book of Genesis as a literal account of ancient world history and a supernatural Creator. As these attacks on scriptural authority and relevance escalate, man's theories have begun to supersede Scripture. Dr. Morris writes to awaken the Church to the devastating effects of teaching these foundational messages of the Bible as allegory.

In this remarkable Bible study reference, you will uncover:

  • How the Scriptures negate the concept of theistic evolution
  • Why a living faith and a saving faith exemplify a solid belief in a literal six-day creation
  • Why God has placed such an emphasis on His creative power and work.
  • The challenges and confusion in academia regarding scriptural interpretation

In order for the gospel message to be understood in its fullness, the significance of the creation message must be properly set as the foundational doctrinal floor upon which the rest of the Bible's message depends. The Big Three is a critical study for all pastors, Bible teachers, and individuals who seek to know God through His Word.

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