Begin: A Journey Through Scriptures for Seekers and New Believers

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Everything has a starting point, and none so compelling as the moment you answer God's call for salvation.

You change; your perspective alters. How you live your life - it is different from that moment on. But has your decision to accept Christ also led to a deeper understanding of God's Word? Are you a little frustrated with trying to get your Bible study time off the ground? Get ready to take a faith-building look at the Bible that will help you get started today!

The Bible, available in so many different versions, can be a little intimidating for the new or casual reader, but now there is a simple road map to follow that sets the stage, creates the context, and helps you effectively navigate the scope and relevance of God's Word. Begin presents foundational and relevant portions of Scripture from the ESV version of the Bible, along with a powerful mix of commentary, historical information, and helpful detail that gives you an easy overview of the structure and focus of the Bible. From helpful details to an opportunity to interact with the verses through journaling, the book encourages you to begin reading and understanding the Bible in a deeper way!

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