As Sparks Fly Upward

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This is a personally presented consideration of the author's years in Christian ministry. Drawing from a wide variety of experiences and bringing together the diverse lessons learned from both the wonderful and the heart breaking encounters.
With chapters committed to exploring specific facets of Christian service, the often unpleasant circumstances are unmasked and the light of Scripture is focused on them allowing the reader a refreshingly uncommon perspective. Pains are identified and resolved in a biblical framework, while grace and mercy are highlighted and applied for those dealing with ministry realities.
Seeking to encourage and enlighten, the author speaks frankly about such things as suffering, the struggle of forgiveness, marriage, poor health, self-examination and pride, to name a few.
A provocative, yet humbling examination of following the Lord Jesus Christ in a hostile environment. As Sparks Fly Upward will challenge, even humour at times, but most of all, it will bring an uncanny spiritual awareness to life's twists and turns for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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