15 Descriptions of Love

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Alexander Strauch

A Christian Leader’s Guide to Leading with Love, an important book published in 2006, has been a help to many. Recognizing the value of getting this material into the hands of those that might not read the full text, Alexander Strauch has excerpted certain chapters and put them together in this easy-to-read book.


The 15 Descriptions of Love is an exposition of 1 Corinthians 13:1-7, examining the Apostle Paul’s list of fifteen descriptions of love. In this 80-page book, Strauch applies these descriptions to Christians in any kind of a leadership role. If you lead or teach people — as a Sunday school teacher, youth worker, women’s or men’s ministry leader, Bible study leader, administrator, music director, elder, deacon, pastor, evangelist, or missionary — The 15 Descriptions of Love will help you become more skilled in dealing with people and a more loving leader and teacher.

Download the FREE companion Study Guide: The 15 Descriptions of Love Study Guide. Together, these resources make an excellent study for personal use or for small groups.

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