Teaching as Paul Taught

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Though books on Paul's life and writing abound, very few works have examined the apostle's teaching techniques. In this companion to 'Teaching as Jesus Taught,' Roy Zuck probes Paul's pedagogy to discover principles for effective teaching today. According to Zuck, the apostle Paul stands as a master teacher. "Analyzing and following Paul's educational goals and strategies," Zuck writes, "can help us become better teachers of God's Word. Examining his pedagogy can acquaint us with a number of important principles and procedures in teaching." 'Teaching as Paul Taught' explores the many New Testament references to Paul's teaching as well as the historical and cultural context in which the apostle taught. Zuck carefully organizes this extensive material around fifteen key questions regarding the teaching ministry of Paul. Over twenty tables and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter aid readers in following Paul's example. The result is a comprehensive and practical handbook for everyone involved in a teaching ministry.

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