In Love With Christ, The Narrative of Sarah Edwards

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Sarah Edwards was the wife of America’s greatest theologian, Jonathan Edwards. Her narrative took place in the year 1742. In it, she chronicled the grace of God in giving her an uncommonly clear sight of His love made manifest in Christ crucified. As she beheld Him in His beauty, she was melted into His image and transformed into His likeness. To use the words of King Solomon, she was “lovesick.” Her heart was lifted up to partake of the sweetest, most intimate communion with God. She experienced a holy intercourse with God which she described as a constant flowing back and forth of love. Everything on earth seemed inconsequential so long as she had Christ. The more she saw Him by faith, the more she saw her own sinfulness. She was grieved, humbled, and broken. Yet at the same time, she abounded in joy, for the more she saw her unworthiness in contrast to His great worth, the more she could comprehend the breadth, length, height, and depth of His love in giving of Himself for her. O the praise that involuntarily springs up at such sights! These sights were what God used to free her from sin, wean her from the world, and grace her to surrender to His providence. Moreover, they enabled her to overflow with love for the brethren, be concerned for the lost, and be committed to His glory above all things.

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