Great Elephant, The

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Follow the adventures of Quinn, the mouse, who sets out to find his own spot in the great forest. A large rainstorm creates a rushing torrent of water that sweeps him away leaving him lost and alone. Remembering advice from his dad, he tries to seek out the Great Elephant for help.
Along the way he meets other forest animals who claim to know about the Great Elephant and, out of desperation; he follows some of their advice only to find he’s been led down the wrong path. In his greatest moment of need, will the Great Elephant hear his cry for help?
In the time-honoured and classic style of fables that teach truth, the allegory of The Great Elephant arrives to be added to the treasury of storybooks for teaching children and enriching adults. And the truth beautifully and cleverly rising out of the story is the greatest of all truths—finding the way to God.

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