Elsie's Winter Trip - Book 26

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Enter the world of Elsie Dinsmore! Christian values, innocent romance, family fun, and lasting lessons have captivated generations of girls eager to follow Elsie's life from childhood to motherhood and beyond.

"Elsie’s Winter Trip, Book 26".  Following their honeymoons, Lucilla and Evelyn set up housekeeping with their husbands, Chester and Max, in a new shared home called Sunnyside. The family joins in the celebration of their new lives together, and enjoys a round of parties held in honor of the newlyweds. 

As the cold winter months creep in, the family travels south with Grandma Elsie to several islands in the Caribbean and off the shores of South America. There, Elsie and Ned Raymond acquire pet monkeys and the whole family enjoys their time together. But when Ned takes an unfortunate tumble overboard, who will be the one to save him?

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