Elsie at Home - Book 22

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Enter the world of Elsie! These nineteenth-century fictional chronicles of a beautiful young heiress in the Civil War South have captivated generations of 10- to 14-year-old readers eager to follow Elsie s life from childhood to motherhood and beyond. You ll find Christian values, tender romance, family fun, and lasting lessons. These later books in the series include visits to historic sites in Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and New York.

"Elsie at Home, Volume 22".  While Evelyn's mother travels to Europe despite being gravely ill, the rest of the family continues to grow and flourish.  Brothers Arthur and Calhoun Conley become fathers, and Rosie Travilla weds Will Croly in June.  Maud, Sydney , Lucilla, and Grace act as bridesmaids and the two little Elsies - Elsie Raymond and Elsie Dinsomre - are flower girls.

Long -term bachelor Dick Percival and Maud Dinsomre are married in a small ceremony at Ion, and Captain Raymond's good friend Captain Donald Keith seeks to marry Lucilla - but is she ready to leave the father she loves for a new relationship?

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