Bunny's First Sprint

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When a bunny is born in the spring, the world is green and new. And full of hope.

But as the months pass the breeze turns cold. The leaves on the apple tree fall. The swallows leave the barn. And the little bunny begins to worry that everything is dying.

But everything is not quite as it seems… Inside every seed, hidden in every root, beneath the snow, a secret is stirring. Nature speaks to the bunny. Assuring him of something more. And, sure as the sun rising, new life returns. As the earth thaws and the robins return to their nests, the little bunny discovers hope and transformation. And the miracle of new life everywhere around him. For hope is at the center of things! As the tumbling baby bunny discovers in his first year of life.

The beautiful illustrations in Bunny’s First Spring reflect the beauty of the world around us and celebrates the changing seasons and the miracle of nature’s rebirth. Illustrated by the New York Times Bestselling and award-winning illustrator, David McPhailBunny’s First Spring celebrates the joy-filled rebirth and renewal at the heart of Springtime.

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