Bible Lessons for Juniors 2; Kings And Prophets

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The Bible Lessons for Juniors is a series of four books designed to acquant the junior child (ages 9 through 12) with the glad tidings of salvation as made known to us in God's Holy Word, the Bible.

Book 2 contains 28 lessons on the Old Testament.

Each lesson includes the following features: faithfully narrated Bible story, applicable Bible references, questions and answers, written activities, thoughts to guide discussion, Scripture memory texts.

Suggestions for the Use of the Series 
For the Student
The purpose of the Bible Lessons for Juniors series is to approach boys and girls in a very simple way with the main stories of the Bible. This series is written in their language and their experiences in their young life. 
For the Teacher 
The lesson story is deigned to give the teacher a guide. He or she should be well acquainted with the lesson material to give added detail to the story as much as reason and time will allow.

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