Basics for Believers

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Christians taking their first steps of faith, as well as experienced believers reexamining their spiritual foundations, will find wisdom in this practical study of the book of Philippians and the fundamental disciplines of the Christian life. To ensure persistent progress in their life of faith, D. A. Carson urges believers to

· put the gospel first in their relationships, prayer life, career goals, and personal choices
· take the right perspective on the cross, letting it shape their outlook on suffering, witnessing, and persevering for the faith
· emulate Christian leaders who model compassion, faithfulness, confidence in Christ, and heavenly mindedness
· resolve never to give up the Christian walk, but instead to pursue the same seven virtues Paul enjoins upon the believers in Philippi

This call to get back to basics clearly exposits one of Paul's best-loved epistles and lays a solid foundation for withstanding the storms that beat upon the house of faith today.

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