A Year of Prayer

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A Year of Prayer

Approaching God with an Open Heart Week After Week



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Every Christian to know greater fulfillment in his or her prayer life. That’s natural—as God’s children, we shouldyearn to draw closer to our Father and commune more intimately with Him.

This book is filled with weekly inspiration that will greatly enrich your prayer life. You’ll find your prayers becoming more focused, more powerful, more God-centered in ways that are truly life-changing.

This collection is comprised of prayers lifted up to God by John MacArthur on the Lord’s Day. They speak of God’s majesty and His wonderful love and care, and make transparent the deepest longings of the human heart. Through these prayers you’ll find yourself lifted up…in true worship, praise, and thanksgiving.

“We need to pray more; we need to give more careful thought to the content of our prayers; and we need to spend more time preparing our hearts and our tongues for prayer. It is with that in mind that I offer this book.”
—John MacArthur

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